Dear Orthopods

Horizons are widening for each one of us and so is Zeal & Zest to perform something new, keep on achieving something better, higher always so as to remain relevant to the era! In the quest to be relevant we as super genius medical practitioners must remain rational also so that society at large benefit in the best way!

Here we are, presenting the most prestigious 35th GOACON for all the orthopedic surgeons, from a strong corner stone of Orthopedics, Jamnagar. While going through this brochure you will feel the hard work that we are putting in to bring a unique experience, to create “THE EVENT”, with help of all of you and excellent support from the parent body GOA. Excellent academic programme along with very famous Kathiawadi hospitality is awaiting to welcome you all!

This is a family event for sure and your loved ones are going to be taken care of especially by specially designed programme for tem! We know how to study when we are studying and how to party as well. So have your dancing steps ready for the Dhamaka Bollywood night!

Please go through this brochure carefully and we request you to please avoid being Mavericks, do plan early and come along with family and friends.

Jamnagar Orthopedic team is eagerly awaiting to welcome you all at Jamnagar for GOACON 2017, Let us make it “THE EVENT”, Together.


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