Dear Orthopods

First of all many thanks to all the faculties & delegates who could make it to the GOACON 2017. It was indeed very pleasant to have you all at Jamnagar.

The first alumni meet of Jamnagar Orthopedics was enjoyed by all just because of presence of all. Many came to Jamnagar just for the Alumni meet, we are truly indebted to them.

The new medical college building was inaugurated just five days back, while it gave very nice aura & ambience few A-V glitches were part of the package & we are very happy that all have pardoned us for the same!

We hope kathiawadi hospitality must have been enjoyed by all. We are very thankful to all the faculties across the globe who are enjoying ‘Super stardom’ & still they were with us, sharing their expertise & experience. They all were elated by the delegates interactions.

Our family members were full of joy all throughout & we can’t tell enough to thank them. Whole Jamnagar stood united for the GOACON 2017 under leadership of GOA President Dr. Hasmukh Nagewadia & Secretary Dr. Navin Thakkar & Patron Dr. V. M. Shah. we salute the spirit of solidarity amongst the members.

Once again Thank you all.

Dr. Vijay R. Sata

Org. Secretary

Dr. Jayant K. Shani

Org. Chairman

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